FEED ME - 6'43 – DEMENTED - 2016


With its dark, cyberpunk visuals, the video art and VJ duo Konpyuta’s work on electronic artist In Aeternam Vale’s “Feed Me” gives a sense of what a dream collaboration might have been like between David Cronenberg (or Lynch) and the band Suicide. But Konpyuta, who prefer to remain anonymous, have also gone beyond both directors with the very texture of “Feed Me.” To create the video, Konpyuta used a modular synth they built to warp the visuals, which move back and forth between mostly abstract images that look almost 3D-scanned, and then images of a naked man who looks like he is living in a solarized space designed by Man Ray.
— Dj Pangburn, https://creators.vice.com/en_uk/article/vvywd4/erotic-paranoid-fantasies-modular-video-synthesizer

son : In Aeternam Vale

image : konpyuta

label : Demented

durée : 6’43

année : 2016